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Belize Banking License

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Brief Overview:

All investors who wish to obtain a Belize banking license are required to submit their request to the Central Bank of Belize, the financial regulatory body that is monitors and issues banking licenses.

There are two types of licenses that applicants can apply for, these are the following;

  • Unrestricted “A” Class with a minimum capital Requirement not less than US$ 3,000,000. This type of license provides its holder the right to offer banking services to all customers across the globe.
  • Restricted “B” Class starting from US$1,000,000; by owning this type of banking license the applicant will be able to offer its services to a previously agreed list of clients that are not residents of Belize.

Application Process:

Required documents:

  • Application form
  • Financial Report of Directors and Officers
  • Two Character Reference for each Director and Officer
  • Police Report check for each Director and Officer ( this has to be obtained from the country where they have previously lived for at least 3-5 years)
  • Letter of Recommendation from Banking Institution for each Director and Officer
  • Audited Reports of prior three years
  • Application for Local Corporation for preliminary work and for submission
  • Business and financial plan of the Bank company,

We are aware that starting a bank can be an intricate journey that’s why our consultants are here to guide you with a personalized approach every step of your banking license application.

Time Frame:

The overall application for a Belize banking license is relatively fast the processing and acceptance takes approximately 2-3 months to finalize.

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