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Belize Forex Brokerage License

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Brief Overview:

The Belize Forex Brokerage License represents one of the most inexpensive regulated brokerage options available. This jurisdiction features a competitive forex industry legislation infrastructure, in a well-regulated framework.

Belize, is situatedin the heart of Central America and can be referred to as a latecomer in the field of international financial services.Belize enacted the International Business Companies Act based on the British Virgin Islands model in 1990.

According to Belize legislation as mentioned in the International Financial Services Commission (Licensing) Regulations 2007you will be able to perform different activities such as to trade in foreign exchange, trade in financial commodity-based derivative instruments such as securities (futures, options, interest rates, shares, stock, contracts for differences etc.) or brokerage, you will require to have a company registered in Belize and to obtain a Special License.

Capital Requirement to Obtain License is 500,000 USD

Application Process:

In order to obtain a Forex License the applicant will have to submit a detailed curriculum vitae about each person involved in the company management as well as the following documents for each beneficial owner, director, shareholder and officer of the company:

  • Notarized Copy of Passport
  • Proof of address such as a utility bill issued within the last 3 months
  • Bank Reference and a Professional Reference Letter from your accountant or attorney
  • A 5 year business plan.
  • Copy of share certificates demonstrating how the shares in the company have been issued.

Starting Offshore can assist you complete your license application as well as the supporting documentation such as the business plan, internal policies and procedures. We will also submit the application to the license issuing authority and we will be in contact with all the parties involved in this process until your license application is finalized.

Time Frame:

IFSC has up to 6 months from the date of submitting the application, to reply favorably or not.

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