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Saint Vincent Company Formation

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Saint Vincent Overview :

Saint Vincent Company Formation is fairly easy and simple process. Offshore Companies in St. Vincent have governed a clear and transparent legislation; by the International Business Companies Act, 1996 while their privacy is taken care of by the Confidential Relationships Preservation (International Finance) Act, 1996.

St. Vincent is an island nation in the Eastern Caribbean; an independent country that is a full member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the International Labor Organization, CARICOM, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.

Application Process :

If you are interested in the Saint Vincent Company Formation you will need th following documents. This applies to all directors, shareholders, beneficial owners or authorized signatories:

  • Certified copy of passport, original or certified copy of utility bill / bank statement dated within the last three 3 months and certified copy of Banker’s reference letter also issue within the last three months
  • In cases are shareholders and/or directors are not individuals but corporate bodies, an entire set of full apostilled documents and a Certificate of Good Standing will be required.
  • Starting Offshore will send an application to the Registrar of Companies. We will lodge both the Memorandum specifying the activities that your company will pursue and the Articles of Association.
  • The Registrar of Companies will issue a Certificate of Incorporation to the offshore company making the offshore corporation a legal entity.

Timeframe :

Registration procedures for International companies take two to three weeks, and are both simple and inexpensive compared to other jurisdictions.

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