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New Changes Made By VFSC In Securities Dealers License

  • Posted by: Raj Reddy
  • Category: Uncategorized

This is to inform you that the amendments to the Securities Dealers (Licensing) Act were passed by Vanuatu Parliament on 13th June 2017 and gazetted into law on 16th June 2017.

The Act on International Companies has been amended as well.

Together 13 laws have been either passed or amended, all with the aim of compliance with AML/CTF standards as set by FATF.

This is overall good news since it should help to enhance Vanuatu profile as a safe and compliant OFC destination.

Therefore, all dealer in securities companies have to respect, as from today, the following regulations:

These companies have to respect and comply with every laws and regulations of the countries in which they perform activities.

Below are the things need to make a note of for new SDL applications,

  • The increase of the bond which has been decided by the regulator. The Bond amounts now to VATU 5,000,000 (50.000 USD) for every new application and has now to be paid to the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and not to the Supreme Court of Vanuatu anymore.
  • The insertion of the KYC requirements which includes the filing of at least the following documents (non exhaustive list):
  • Details of the source of the funds used to pay the capital (new requirement)
  • Notarized Police clearance and passport of the applicant
  • Details of the business plan
  • Details on effective beneficial owner
Main Changes:
The Security Deposit has been increased to VT5,000,000 (USD50,000) from 2000 USD.
Author: Raj Reddy

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