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Virtual IBANs

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A Virtual IBAN is defined as a reference that is issued by a specific bank and allows payment that come in to be rerouted to another, physically existent bank account. Purposely, virtual IBAN can receive and even send fund globally. This makes it possible for many businesses to valuably extend their services and products and make settlement to their customers globally. Viewing things from a customers’ perspective, there is a similarity between the functionality of a regular IBAN account and a Virtual IBAN. When a payment is made, the funds then reflect in a physical account whose IBAN virtual is linked.

What are the merits?

Companies may incur high transactional fees if it accepts and sends international B2B payments. There is barely any contrast in the facilities that were offered by the traditional settlement accounts and the current Virtual IBANs. The costs of opening as well as managing a physical account reduces.

Tradition providers would look for every possible way to popularize the full packages to new customers. The popularization may also include even irrelevant services. Some of which are the insurance services, global payment services and credit cards. As a result, a better part of the process turns out to be a nightmare for companies and organizations. What this means is that they have to put in quite a lot more time and effort to one process that can be simple and manageable.

A virtual bank account lets one to get access to payment services less the hustle of a complex and costly full business account. Virtual IBANs account promisingly cut down the costs, in an aim to reconcile the whole process and allowing various businesses to extensively go international.

Benefits of Virtual IBAN in Businesses

Faster settlement, full transparency and facilitating businesses to provide a full transactional service to customers are the roles performed by the success of the banking circle virtual IBAN and banking circle platform. They main benefits brought about by the virtual IBAN.

A shorter time to set up an account.

Ability to make payment across the border via the SWIFT network and obtaining clearance service locally .

Total identification of a final beneficiary.

FX API connectivity and payments.

Accessibility to an award winning FX platform through the mobile, tablet and web.

Bank account structure simplification.

Higher satisfaction for Client.

Accuracy in the treasury forecast and monitoring risks in credits.

Cutting down the costs of operation and processing.

Improving the visibility on the performance of business units .

Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act fights and prevents money laundering and terrorism. For this reason, you may be prompted to avail, fax or upload a copy of your driver’s license or identity card for the purpose of identifying you. Every bank has to comply with this law.