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White Label Prepaid Cards

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White label prepaid cards provide a different solution if you are looking to launch and market your own, fully-branded card. These prepaid cards are best for clients that have potentially increased revenue streams, providing them a flexible prepaid card program solutions that can be fully-managed with ease.

Deciding if your company requires a white label program should be based on your particular business needs. When deciding you should take into the consideration not only the setup costs, but also the time to market as well as the total card volume.

According to recent studies over 10,000 card transactions occur every second around the world. As a result, the white label prepaid debit card provides you the opportunity to put your brand in front of more people.

Advantages of White Label Prepaid Cards

Brand Loyalty

By using a white label payment solution you will gain extra benefits that can be utilised with loyalty or reward programs.

Brand Awareness

You will be able to fully customize the cards, so that they will have the look and feel of your company or brand. This unique feature can lead to an increased recognition and awareness of your brand.

Card Data

Program owners have access to cardholder data, feature that will identify you cardholder trends.

Time To Market

It usually takes up to 3-4 months to bring a new white label prepaid card to market after you are granted with the issuer’s approval.

Increased Security

A white label payment solution is secure to boot.

Starting Offshore meets the needs of clients interested to launch their own card program, providing them an efficient road to market for their own, branded prepaid card product.  For more information about how we can help your business grow with one of our solutions please contact us and one of our specialists will be in touch to assist you.